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Boost your personal fulfillment and development,
for a sustainable business impact

Are you the leader of a company, an entity or a team? With Kap Humain, implement solutions that allow the women and men working alongside you to be engaged, efficient and accomplished in their work, while increasing business performance.

Accelerate their professional development and boost their fulfillment at work!

… What if you too could rediscover the joy of leading with efectiviness and energy ?

A range of solutions at the service of personal fulfillment in the company & sustainable performance.

With Kap Humain, find the support, advice or training solution that will enhance the sustainable performance of your business and your teams


Solution : profil pour les dirigeants, managers, collaborateurs

for executives, managers, employees

Find meaning, motivation and fulfillment at work, by understanding your needs and your assets. Become more effective on a daily basis by acting on your behavior and keep your “derailers” at a distance

Solution : perspective poru les managers de jeunes collaborateurs

for managers of young employees

Qualify the potential of promising talents, open them up to perspectives which make sense for them and which engage them alongside you (motivating factors, aspiration, value placed on know-how, etc.). Help them become more successful in customer focus, cooperation, decision making, etc.

Solution : Teams pour les équipes de direction

for management teams

Build a more united team and sustainably improve the effectiveness of the team by better understanding your complementarities and improving cooperation, especially in times of tension, reconfiguration or rapid change.

Solution : Management inclusif pour les entreprises de tous secteurs et de toutes tailles

Inclusive management
for companies of all sectors and all sizes

Become an inclusive company: help your managers develop operating methods that respect each individual’s unique characteristics and value their contribution for better team performance.

Solution : Conseil pour les entreprises de tous secteurs et de toutes tailles

for companies of all sectors and of all sizes

Structure or strengthen your Human Resources function as necessary by adapting it to your market strategy and your culture in order to ensure the sustained development of your company.

Solution : Coaching pour les dirigeants et managers

for executives & managers

Sustainably improve your personal efficacy and regain meaning and aspiration in your work. Develop your own solutions to take a step forward in your progress, at the service of business performance.

portrait Alice Risetti
Kap Humain

… 20 years of experience in France and abroad in talent & career development, consulting and leadership training and coaching for a variety of organizations in all sectors.

I also have operational management experience in various management committees. Thanks to these experiences i can work in diverse and fast changing environments, cultures and business contexts, in French as well as in English.LinkedInLinkedIn

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Expertise: develop talent and careers, support you in matters of mobility, recruitment & development of your organization.


I am passionately convinced that we all have talent that can be enhanced. When we identify it, we connect with the pleasure of purposeful work and we can sustainably outperform.

For whom?

Individually or in teams: with managers, Human Resources (HR) functions, any employee seeking support, advice & training.

Certifications et Formation d'Alice Risetti, Kap Humain

Certifications & training

Coaching CT (Transformance), Optimal Coaching Relations (Trajectives), Advanced Coaching Expertise (Tom Preston Associates), Insights Discovery, Hogan Assessments series, Talent Q assessment series, Korn Ferry leadership assessment solutions. Education: HEC Paris & Master in Organizational Development and Change Management, University of Saint Gall (Switzerland).

Do you & your employees want to be part
of the people who are committed, effective
and accomplished in their work?

Benefit from a professional development approach combining meaning, agility, cooperation, boldness and pragmatism … Face-to-face or remote interventions, with interactive working methods and tools that make it possible to optimize all forms of collaboration.

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